Tharparkar is the only fertile desert in the world


Tharparkar is the only fertile desert in the world.

The region derives its names from Thar and Parkar.

The name Thar is from Thul,

The general term for sand region or sand ridges and Parkar literary means “to cross over”. The region was earlier known as Thar and Parkar, later they became one word.

Tharparkar people face various issues due to waterborne diseases, inadequate health facilities, famine and lack of basic infrastructure.

Submitted by: Ghazi Hussain Hyderi

Thar ٿر ( thul ) parkar پارڪر are sindhi words,

Ghazi Hussain Hydri submitted a very impressive and motivational status with his clicked photograph of #Tharparkar’s village over sight,

Where it bacame green after a heavy rained,

Tharparkar is a very best sight in these days when it rains there….

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