SINDH IN HISTORY TODAY (9th August)Research by Dr Dur Muhammad Pathan

9th August

Ghazi Muhammad Ayoob Shar (Sikandarabad/Writer, & Social Worker/1933),

Prof. Badaruddin Larik (Naushero Feroz/Text Books writer/1941),

Muhammad Bux ‘Shad’ (Tharri/Poet/1951),

Muhammad Qasim Malah (Malak/Writer/1953),

Nasir Aijaz (Bhirya City/Journalist & Writer/1954),

Rahmatullah ‘Joni’ (Poet/1963),

(Imtiaz Ali Kalhoro (Garhi Khda Bux/Poet/1966)

Sikandar Unar (Ghulab Unar/Poet/1966),

RahimBux ‘sajan’ (Shikarpur/Poet/1968),

Hansika Motwani (Mombai/Actress/1991),

DEATHS: 9th August

Nazir Abbasi (Political Activist/1980)


9th August

1843: Governor-General of India acknowledges and offers his comments on Charles Napier’s correspondence with Sindh Rulers before the fall of Hyderabad. (Source:Letter No.298).

1844: Government of India approves action of the Sindh Governor to bring the 39 ringleaders of the 6th Regiment, N.1, to trial before a general Court Martial (Source: letter No.169).

1942: All-India Congress Committee launches ‘Quit India’ Movement. Sindh Congress played its praiseworthy role. (Source: Newspapers).

1947: First outrage is committed on Pakistan Special Train. The railway line is blown up 15 miles west of Bhatinda. (Source: Newspapers).

1957: Lahore to remain Head Quarter of the West Pakistan. No need of shifting it to any other place, declares the Governor Akhtar Hussain. (Source: ibd).

1967: The World Bank approves a loan of 35 million dollar to the Pakistan Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation (PICIC). Sindh has still not produced an scholar/ Economist who can work on all aids and loans received by the Pakistan Government and their Sector-wise and province-wise utilization from 1947 to date. (Source: Newspapers).

1971: Mujeeb will be tried by a Special Military Court for waging war against Pakistan (Source: Newspapers).

1972: Crack down on Sindhi Nationalists. PPP Government makes large scale arrests in the length and breadth of Sindh. G.M.Syed is also arrested. (Source: ibd).

1973: NAP decides to join UDF’s civil disobedience campaign from 24th August. (Source: ibd).

1977: 43 PPP workers are arrested in Lahore for disturbing PNA leaders meeting. (Source: ibd)


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