Shireen Aijaz Zounr from Hyderabad Profile


Shireen Aijaz Zounr from Hyderabad is the Regional Coordinator (Sindh) of Aurat Foundation:

She is one of those daring and courageous women who are fighting for the rights of deprived and oppressed people, specially minorities, peasants and women.

She started her career as Journalist, formed an independent forum in 2010 to raise voice against discrimination and she is founder Chairperson of Sindh Civil Society Forum.

She has been raising voice against black law of dual local govt system in Sindh, killings of innocent people, missing persons, She took active part in lawyers movement.

She is an active member of Women Action Forum as well.

She has written many articles on core issues of Sindh.

She has helped in solving many cases of honor killings,

and saved many innocent girls.

She has been conducting trainings of Police Officers in Karachi on Pro-Women Laws.

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