A Tale of Young Sindhi Scientist


A Tale of Young Sindhi Scientist Fayaz Ali Larik:

Fayaz Ali Larik has published 28 research articles in international journals.

He has cumulative impact factor above 50.

He has also passed IELTS test with over all score band of 7.0.

He has just completed his M.phil degree in March 2017.

He is author of two book chapters.

He has presented his work in 6 international conferences. He is Quaidian.

He is Mehranian. No body has achieved that great success in such a young age.

He has won best researcher award in 2016 from chemistry department QAU

And he has won again best researcher award from Chemistry department QAU.

He is the brightest start of QAU and Sindh.

We must feel proud of Sindhis like him.


Salar Lateef

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